How does the Rio Bug Zapper work and how is it different from traditional head-lice treatments?

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The Rio Bug Zapper is very simple to use. Powered by one AA 1.5v battery, the unit transmits a small charge, which is harmless to the user, to the combs teeth. When passed through the hair this charge electrocutes the head lice as they come into contact with the combs teeth. This generally kills them outright or causes such damage that they die shortly afterwards. It is important to always clean the Bug Zapper carefully after use and especially before treating another person. Traditionally, head-lice have been treated with insecticides contained in shampoos and other special preparations. However, over time head-lice have built up immunity and there is now common concern over environmental issues and the effectiveness of using chemical insecticides. Suitable for adults and children, the Rio Bug Zapper provides an easy, clean and effective method of treating head lice. more
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