How does the size of a container affect the rate at which water evaporates?

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1 Answer

Water evaporation is a constant part of life on earth. Evaporation is the process in which water turns from a liquid to a gas, usually indicating "a state change below the boiling point of water."Air TemperatureIf the air temperature above the water is high, the water will evaporate more quickly. The molecules will be moving more quickly from the energy of the heat it contains, and this will incite more evaporation.Water TemperatureAs with air, when the temperature of the water is higher, the rate of its evaporation will also be higher. The water molecules will move more quickly and will break away from the water's surface more readily.HumidityAnother factor in the rate of water evaporation is humidity, or the amount of water already in the air. Dry air will evaporate water more quickly than humid air, because of the lack of water already in the air.ChangeWhen water evaporates, the remaining water decreases in temperature, which affects the rate of evaporation. The evaporated water ...
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