How does Transformational Leadership work?

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1 Answer

Transformational Leadership begins with awareness – awareness of our own thoughts and feelings, and how these affect our actions. As this awareness grows, we see our own inner motivating force, what drives us - our passions and values - and how these affect our thoughts, feelings and actions.As we become more aware our perception increases, and we are able to choose actions that directly meet the needs of the situation and people around us. Transformational Leadership inspires wholeness of being, so our thoughts, feelings and actions are consistent. We lead with an integrity and authenticity that resonates with others, and inspires them to follow.This approach to leadership takes us from a constricting model of competition between individuals, teams or nations, to a connection with the whole of a situation, and leadership for the good of all. We move from making a sale at any cost towards creating lasting relationships and seeking socially responsible outcomes; it takes us from a ... more
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