How does Tribulus work?


How does it work? There are several active components of Tribulus, including steroidal saponins named protodioscin and protogracillin. Their steroid-like molecular structure is believed to confer the majority of the tonic effects of Tribulus. It also contains a compound named beta-sitosterol that contributes to its pro-sexual effects. In a recent study, healthy men aged from 28 to 45 were given 750 mg of Tribulus each day for five days. Researchers were able to determine how Tribulus works. It was found to significantly increase testosterone levels (by up to 300%). The treatment also substantially increased luteinizing hormone (LH) levels. Both of these hormones play a major role in sexual function in men. In men with serum testosterone levels that were below normal, Tribulus brought them up to optimal physiological levels, whereas in men with initially-high testosterone levels, Tribulus had no effect. Sex Booster for Men In a study carried out on rams and male lambs, Tribulus was foun