How does Veil perform on license plate cover frames spray?

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1 Answer

Veil works by significantly reducing the laser reflection that occurs from today's high-tech retro-reflective license plates. These kinds of license plates effectively magnify the light that a police laser gun looks for. It is essential that VEIL is applied to any front-mounted state license plate or personalized license plates to derive any real protection regardless of whether or not the other targeted sections of the vehicle are treated. In areas where the use of license plate covers is prohibited, Veil can directly applied to the license plate. In these cases the plate will appear darker. VEIL defeats laser by significantly reducing laser reflection and thus the overall laser visual signature by stealth. Since VEIL doesn't attempt to overwhelm incoming laser - simply eliminate it - VEIL can not nor will not ever produce a jamming code on any police laser gun! Your vehicle will simply be much harder to successfully target and get a laser speed reading. more
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