How does Velocity work?


Velocity uses a state-of-the-art wireless broadband system. A small 3″x11″ antenna mounted on the customer’s roof connects directly to one of ECG’s base stations located within a 2-3 mile distance. The base stations are in turn connected to a high-speed connection to the Internet. The air-link between the customer and the base station is a proprietary system that uses authentication and encryption to protect against rogue users and hackers. The customer antenna connects to the customer’s computer or broadband router via a standard CAT5 ethernet cable. A CAT5 surge suppressor is included to protect the customer’s equipment from lightning and static discharges.


Velocity speeds up the delivery and presentation of Web pages using a combination of compression and caching of text and graphics data, both at the PC and through the Velocity Network. The result is a dramatic improvement in performance when you browse using a dial-up connection (or the equivalent). The benefits are especially pronounced when you are viewing dynamic HTML pages, such as are used by the most popular Web sites.