How does Visual Basic compare the Text property of a text box?

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1 Answer

When you compare the Text property of a text box with another value the Text property behaves like a variant. Visual Basic compares one text box to another as strings and compares a text box to a numeric variable or constant with a numeric compare. You can force a numeric comparison on a Text property by using the Val function. 6. Why would it be useful to include the Ucase function in a comparison? When comparing strings, the case of the characters is important. An uppercase Y does not compare equal to a lowercase y. Since the user may type a name or word in either uppercase or lowercase or a combination of the two, we must check all possibilities. The easiest way is to use the string function Ucase or Lcase, which returns the uppercase or lowercase equivalency of a string, respectively. 7. Name the types of information that can be used in a comparison. The conditions to be tested can be formed with numeric variables and constants, string variables and constants, object properties, ... more
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