How ecological balance is maintained in a biotic community?

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1 Answer

Biodiverse ecologies, with a stable balance in the numbers of species, have the greatest chance of responding and balancing when the environment changes. The greatest biodiversity is where there is the greatest possible range of species the habitat can support and where the member species have the greatest range of genetic variation. Biodiversity is found at three levels. 1 Each population of any given species has genetic diversity. The pool of all possible alleles makes a species gene pool. A large pool with many allelic variants for every gene is a healthy species. 2 The level most commonly discussed it that of many species being a part of the habitat- Species diversity. 3 The ecosystem is wide and varied to encourage the broadest possible range of interactive species and the greatest genetic diversity in each species. A narrow or small ecosystem limits the numbers and varieties of species that in turn narrows the genetic diversity for the future. World Wildlife Federation defines ... more
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