How efficient are the reusable snap-on interior storm windows kits?

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1 Answer

My budget is limited. - B. S. A: There are many new designs of durable do-it-yourself interior storm window kits that are attractive and effective. At a cost of only $2 to $4 per square foot, they are an efficient, lower-cost alternative to expensive replacement windows. Since you are on a tight budget, do just your north and west windows first. The northern windows are among the greatest sources of winter heat loss in most homes. The west windows are the greatest source of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) fading rays, both summer and winter. Interior storm windows save energy and reduce window condensation by creating an insulating air gap and sealing air leaks around old windows. Good-quality ones last for many years and install quickly each winter. If you use central air-conditioning most of the summer, leave them in year-round. During mild fall and spring weather, opening only a couple of windows on either side of your house will provide adequate ventilation. A whole-house attic fan is ... more
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