How Far Is Heathrow Bus Station To Terminal 3?

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1 Answer

Heathrow airport is one of the busiest airports in England as well as the world. There are three terminals in this airport. Heathrow airport is based in London. Its original name is London Heathrow airport. It is the most well-connected airport in United Kingdom. There are several ways of accessing the airport at Heathrow. The terminal three was started in 1961. It has 43 airlines and approximately 15.5 million passengers travelling in the present day. The central bus station is also therefore a very busy place because one can get buses going to various parts form this bus station. A large majority of people use this bus station every day. This bus station has been in existence since the1970s. The airport and the bus station are very close to each other and there is a pedestrian walk for people who prefer to go by foot. more
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