How far is McAlester from Oklahoma City?

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GDB: It is about 120 miles east. WCR: It was east of where you grew up. GDB: Yes, about 60 miles. It is in the southeastern part of the state. WCR: Let me go back just a bit. You mentioned a mentor in junior high school, Mr. Tuskahoma Miller. Were there other teachers or role models who had a considerable impact on you in junior high or high school? GDB: My Spanish instructor, Mrs. Biggers, influenced me. I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and went to Mexico City on 3 trips with her through the Spanish Club. My football coach, Mr. Glenn Secrest, had a great deal of influence on me as part of his football program. In college, I enjoyed working with Dr. Hanson, my faculty advisor in the master's program. WCR: It sounds like if you hadn't gone into physical therapy, you wouldn't have ever become aware of the opportunities in hospitals. As you reflect on it, what interested you in physical therapy? GDB: I thought that by getting into physical therapy, I could work with sports and ... more
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