How fast can a dragonfly fly?

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3 Answers

It is estimated that the top speed for a dragonfly is between 30 and 60 km/h (19 to 38 m.p.h.). The maximum fspeed varies a lot between different species, with bigger dragonflies generally flying faster than smaller ones. more
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Dragonflies can fly at a rate between 30 and 60 kilometers per hour, which is equivalent to about 19 to 38 miles per hour, because of their double set of wings. Learn more about a dragonfly's flight habits with information from a high school biology teacher in this free video on insects. Expert: Janice Creneti Bio: Janice Creneti has a bachelor's degree in secondary science education and biology from Boston University. She has been teaching for more than 20 years. more
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Video Transcript How Fast Can a Dragonfly Fly? It's a warm summer evening, and you might be hanging out by a pond in your backyard or somewhere in a neighborhood park and you hear this faint hum. You look around, and sure enough, there is dragonflies. They're actually one of my favorite insects. Hi, I'm Janice Creneti, and you may be wondering: How fast can a dragonfly fly? Well, pretty fast by insect standards. A dragonfly can fly between 30 and 60 kilometers per hour, which is about 19 to 38 miles per hour, so that's really pretty fast for these tiny, little bugs. One of the things that's interesting about dragonflies is that they actually have two sets of wings. Dragonflies and damselflies alike. One of the things that separates them is that dragonflies are able to actually move their wings, whereas damselfly wings tend to stay pretty static. Dragonflies are insects. That means they go through metamorphosis. They go through the process of laying eggs, those eggs hatch into larva, ... more

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