How fast can a panda run?

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1 Answer

1) "Bears are powerfull built creatures with small eyes and ears, large claws and a slow, ambling gait that can quickly shift to surprising bursts of speed. Bears can if necessary however up to 50 km/h fast run." Source and further information: http://www.bearplanet.org/ 2) "Finally, as to the hunting skills of a panda, I must say: have you ever seen a panda run? It’s definitely not an animal well equipped to chase down prey. Though somewhat fast over a short distance, the panda is no match for the ultimate running hunters, the cats. And as for stealth, the panda can be quiet on approach, but such a lumbering animal in its native habitat with thick stands of bamboo everywhere would be at a disadvantage. In general, pandas who have occasion to eat meat in the wild probably do so because they have managed to scavenge a carcass they stumbled across, or were extremely lucky in managing to capture an animal that wasn’t
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