How fast can the wind blow?

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What are the wind and air made up of? Are the wind and the air the same? How strong is the wind? What They Knew The wind makes tornados when cold and hot air spins around together. The wind makes hurricanes by blowing sea water very hard. The wind can make sounds. The wind can make a boat sail. The wind can blow down a tree. The wind can slam a door. The wind can toss a bus. The wind can cool us down on hot days. The wind can fly our kites. The wind can scatter leaves on the ground. We cannot taste the wind. We cannot see the wind. We cannot smell the wind. We can feel the wind when it blows on our faces and tosses our hair. What We Found Out From Books, The Internet, Experts And Experimentation 1) The wind is air moving. They are both the same. When we are in our classroom the air around us is still. But, when we go outside we can feel the wind blowing up against us. 2) Air can become very strong when it is moving and is wind. On windy days the wind can toss our hair and slam doors. ... more
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Well at earth's level, we have 400 MPH in some of the stratosphere, but the level at which you and I operate, the best winds we have, the fastest is down in the Antarctic, 180 mph. So with 180 miles an hour smells can be brought to you. And often we get forest fires, information about them really considerable distance, but I've taken the static, the airs dispel, they get thinner and thinner, so that the mile is as far as you can get with the so there is a dynamic additive to the smelling I think I can give you a 200 MPH dynamic added to the smelling. So, I didn't really do this all columns very well I'll leave these, these are all MPH here anyway. So we had 1/500 and 5. This we had 1 mile static, but I'm going to give you 200 MPH in the dynamic. Now I'm going to cover up your nose and all your skin, and open up your ears for the first time. Your eyes are covered up. What do we know about this? We know that humans have heard the atomic bomb blasts in the desert 100 miles away. That's ...
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