How fast does electricity/energy travel through wires?

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2 Answers

The Speed Of Electricity © Copyright 1999, Jim Loy We are told, by physicists, that electricity travels the same exact speed, through a wire, that light travels through a vacuum (the famous speed c). There are two problems with that, aren't there? Electricity is the flow of electrons. Electrons have mass. Relativity says that things with mass cannot travel at the speed c. Only things with no mass (zero rest mass) can (and must) travel at c. Even light cannot travel at c, when it is travelling through other substances. Light slows down, to travel through glass, water, or air. So, how can electrons travel at c, through copper? Well, it turns out that physicists are right; electricity does travel at c. Also, electrons do not travel anywhere near c, within a wire. Electricity travels at c, while electrons do not. When an electron enters one end of a wire, an electron leaves the other end of the wire. This effect takes place at the speed of light (c). But, they were not the same electron. ...
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The problem found in answer #1 is because Einstiein's equation has an error that has now been  "Mathematically"  proven.

Electricity (the Expansion Acceleration of Mass) travels at   299,792,458 meters per second.

This Velocity of Gravity is part of the biggest scientific discovery in  105 years.

See the amazing story at;   http://www.EinsteinGravity.com

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