How has technology changed the retail supply chain over the last decade?

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While not new, a big impact has come from the proliferation of POS data systems and self-checkout verification. These tools have driven data quality and enabled information to flow unfettered across the supply chain. What do you mean by “unfettered?” The distribution of information has always been a critical component of retail supply chain management. In the past, POS data has been filtered and adjusted by the various stakeholders who touch the information as it’s shared across supply chain partners — from store personnel to merchants to manufacturers, distributors and third parties. Today, information about what is selling, its velocity and variability, can be posted, aggregated and shared across the supply base virtually instantaneously. This has set the stage for increased collaboration by providing the ability to get everyone on the same page and working with the same information. You mentioned self-checkout verification systems. What is their role in this? The introduction of ... more
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