How hot can it get in the Sonoran desert?

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1 Answer

A. July is usually our warmest month with an average maximum air temperature of 101.6 degrees Farenheit, August and June are the next warmest months. The hottest day recorded at the Sky Ranch station was on July 28, 1995, when the air temperature reached 118 degrees. Cloudless nights during the winter months can be quite cold. Temperatures can dip below freezing from October through March. The coldest night in the past 36 years, January 13, 1963, when the temperature dropped to 15 degrees. Q. What is dew point and why is it included in the weather forecast? A. Weather persons used to talk about relative humidity, but relative humidity is no longer reported because as a measure of atmospheric moisture it is too dependent on air temperature to be of much value. The more precise measurement is dew point temperature, the temperature at which air becomes saturated with water vapor and relative humidity reaches 100 percent. Dew point temperature can be measured by a dew point hygrometer ... more
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