How is RFID misused?

misused RFID

Preemptive Media does not endorse RFID systems that do any of the following: institutionalize electronic tracking of humans, surreptitiously collect data from tags that can be identified with individuals, inadequately encrypt personal information or use collected data for any purpose other than the primary, publicized intention. An example of a RFID system implementation that we, therefore, do not approve of is the use of RFID to track students and automatically alert school administrators and police of student whereabouts. We also question the upcoming use of RFID tags in U.S. passports that reportedly are not secure and would easily allow skimming of personal information from a distance. In general, Preemptive Media is concerned about AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) technologies because of their invisible and discreet nature, the lack of notification and consent by subjects, the unregulated data collection industry in the U.S. and the developing alliance between b