How is sheet metal used in the food industry?

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I know sheet metal is used in a lot of industries like construction, agriculture, car manufacturing, and electronics—but what about the food industry?

Kate Horder

The food industry would be unimaginable without sheet metal fabrication.

Sheet metal is a great material for commercial kitchens, like the ones found in restaurants. Sheet metal is durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and it can withstand extreme temperatures—something that commercial kitchens have to deal with every day.

Sheet metal fabrication companies work with different types of materials for their finished products but stainless steel remains the standard for commercial kitchens. Aside from the properties mentioned above, stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion, making it the ideal material for fixtures, benches, tables, food preparation areas, shelving, and other forms of storage spaces. In commercial kitchens where function, efficiency, and of course, food safety trump sophisticated styles, sheet metal fixtures are sure to get the job done.

But that doesn’t mean sheet metal fixtures for the kitchen are boring! You can incorporate sheet metal into your kitchen, whether as accent pieces to the wall or as the main material for a countertop or a shelf. 4 Fabrications Ltd is a Sheet Metal Fabrication Birmingham that provides high-quality sheet metals for commercial and residential projects. Know more about their company here.