How Is the Fentanyl Patch Abused?

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1 Answer

Duragesic fentanyl patches can be (and are) abused by many people who simply want the "high" that the patches can produce in a person who is not, in fact, in any pain. Duragesic patches contain Fentanyl in gel form, in a pouch between two membranes. A Fentanyl abuser may steal Duragesic patches from the supply given to a family member, friend, or patient in his care, then use the patches himself transdermally or by eating the Fentanyl gel. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, fentanyl and its analogs (similar-acting drugs) are also manufactured in illegal laboratories and sold "on the street," under names such as: • Apache • China girl • China white • dance fever • friend • goodfella • jackpot • murder 8 • TNT • Tango and Cash These drugs are often substituted for or mixed with heroin or cocaine. more
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