How know gender of baby from altra-sonography report during 6th month pregnancy?

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1 Answer

To know from the ultra sound Report at your hand is impossible. Even if a scan print is also there. See Ultrasound Scan, though harmless, does not give 100% correct diagnosis. That is why under the Scan Report it is usually written, as to be co -related with the patient/symptoms/as Reports vary from individual to individual. A live ultrasound scan can detect sex of the foetus, but the same cannot be seen, nor even interpreted as so by a qualified Ultrasonologist too for two reasons/= 1)- chance of interpretation correctly is less than 30% and even lower as at 6 months pregnancy. 2) It is illegal in India where female infanticides are reportedly Common, and even the affluent , in their anxiety to get a male child, goes for early abortion techniques,even by quacks, once the sex of the unborn is leaked out. So it is harmful for both The Doctor and the pregnant woman, on different counts. Hence best advice , to Care the Woman now, and the baby after birth too, irrespective of a girl of ... more
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