How long after a disposable camera has expired can you turn it in for film to be developed?

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1 Answer

There is no limit to how long the film can be in the camera before it is processed. The processing of color negative film has not changed since disposable cameras were introduced. The expiration date is for that batch of film loaded into that disposable camera. It's best if the photos were taken before or near the expiration date of the film. FYI - Disposable cameras are loaded with 35mm film. Photos taken after the date will vary as the film ages. The film will slowly lose light sensitivity and it will also change how it responds to various colors. The images will remain stable on there for quite a while - given decent storage conditions, although it's best to develop as soon as possible. Heat is the worst problem - usually giving it a heavy overall red shift. Fortunately, that could probably be cleaned up these days if digitized and editing on a computer. Note that the higher the ISO of the film (especially 800 or above) makes it more sensitive to gamma rays which are always ... more
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