How long after interview does costco call you back?

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1 Answer

Understand, "retailers", discount stores, etc. receive a lot of applications. It is estimated jobs advertised receive a minimum 300 + applications. Those processing and/or conducting interviews review each. Acceptible applicants from applications may be "called for an interview" for a number of reasons including, neat/complete application, proper spelling, past employment, etc. Remember, the application does not get a job and only to get you an interview, the "Interview" gets the job. To give you a "POSITIVE" note, no company will do a "background check" unless you are what the business is looking for. These cost money and at "Costco" conducted by Human Resources at "home office". It can take some time due to the many overall approvals for hire received. Expect as well to do a "drug test". Use some initiative and call the manager you interviewed. I can assure you he will "check" and get back ASAP. Future interviews, it is "extremely" essential to send a "thank you" note when ... more
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