How long after stopping Suboxone does one have to wait before narcotic painkillers become effective?

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1 Answer

Suboxone can block opioids for three days, and for individuals on high doses (>16 mg) it may be longer. An individual taking 24 mg for a few days indicated it took 5-6 days before he felt the full effects of the full agonist, oxycodone. It takes 37 hours for half of the buprenorphine in the body to be eliminated. Because of the long half-life of buprenorphine, the drug builds up in the body each day, which is part of the reason it could take a bit more than a day or two for other opioid anagesics to be effective. In summary, the factors that determine the effectiveness of opioids are dosage, frequency of use, length of time using, and individual body chemistry and metabolism. After doing a bit of research and talking to drug users who have been in this situation, 72 hours seems to be the general consensus. Some people indicated feeling the effects after just 24-36 hours, and others said they felt a fraction of the full effects. Please understand, after taking Suboxone for a given ...
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