How long can an e-bike travel?

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How long can an e-bike trip? What is their average power reserve?


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It depends on batteries, engine, speed, and manufacturer. The range can be from 10 to 25 miles per charge. Check this post, there is more detailed information about a bike’s construction.

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The factors in which an E-bike can go as long as are as below-

1. Type and rating of motor used in that perticular bike. Higher the rating of motor will lead to higher withrdawl of current means more discharge from the battery and less average of e-bike

2. Battery capacity- higher capacity means higher the backup reserved in run and higher the average of e-bike.

3. Load- As simple if load is higher on e-bike it will demand more power which demand once again more current from the battery and average will get low.

4. State of charge of the battery- If battery is 100% charge means it will have more average than the less charged battery of the same capacity of battery.

5. Temperature factors-An e-bike is designed in such a way that it can meet its country environmental temperature. If there is more or less temprature found, for example if it is designed to operate in 5 degree to 50 degree for a perticular country and we took out this bike to some other country which have most of the time temperature beyond/below this temperature limit than this e-bike will have low average.

6. Other irregularities- type of roads, condition of roads, efficiency of motor, aging factors. These are some other factors which also affects the average of e-bike.


Usually, it all depends on the model of your e-bike as well as your weight, the speed at which you constantly ride, as well as moments such as climbs. Each e-bike in the specification has an approximate distance they can cover on their battery. I would subtract from their number 3-5 miles so exactly.
For example, I use the Alizeti installation for a bicycle, which turns an ordinary bicycle into an electronic one. The manufacturer writes about a distance of 40 miles