How long can I store tap water in case of emergency?

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1 Answer

LCA's tap water comes to you fully treated and ready for storage. If you want to store water for an emergency supply kit, be sure to use food-grade containers such as 2-liter soda bottles with a screw-top cap. Milk jugs are not recommended because they don't typically seal appropriately for longer storage. You should replace your stored supply of tap water every six months or more frequently if necessary. LCA's tap water is already disinfected with chlorine, so there's no need to add more chlorine to the water before storing. If you are storing manufactured bottled water, leave it unopened and sealed in its original package, and watch the date marked on the bottle. Note: If you aren't an LCA water customer and you have a private well, you may wish to discuss water storage techniques with your local public health agency.
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