How long cure UV gel nails in a 36-watt UV lamp?

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I just bought a 36 watt UV lamp and am wondering if anyone knows how long to cure / dry each layer of gel. I'm trying to figure out how many minutes or seconds is best. Thanks! That depends on gel system you get used, and the number of initiators of the light in which the gel! Also depend on the light, is the power of light has NOUTHING to do with the curing time gel, which is the UV output of the bulbs since they determine the healing time! That is something that can not be known as UVA light is invisible, they can see color blue when the light is not what it is to cure the gel is the next color in the spectrum that is doing that! , The bulbs also emit less ultraviolet light depending age, so it's not as easy as knowing the time, different UV lamps work for different gels, it is difficult in the nail is not nesseseraly completely healed as the gel has not fully cured and the light has to pass through it properly this can lead to allergic reactions over the exhibitor at least you can ... more
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