How long do female zebra's stay pregnant?

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Answer Hi Kristen, Female zebra danios ought to be conditioned in order to release their eggs, and need to have a male present to have them fertilized. If there is no male present, she will either reabsorb the eggs (never release them) or eventually release them...but nothing will happen, of course. If you don't use a method to keep them from eating the eggs, they will make short work of them...they just scatter them randomly and I guess they must taste really good! You can either use a breeding trap for the parents (a breeding trap looks like this).... http://www.plantguild.com/NET_BREEDER.jpg ...or you can use the reliable "marbles as substrate" method which will be mentioned lots of times when you Google zebra danio breeding. To condition her, you need to feed her (and the male too) yummy foods such as frozen foods, and keep the water quality high by changing the water frequently. You also ought to make sure it isn't too warm, zebra danios don't like their water warmer than 75 ... more
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