How long do fireworks last / what is the shelf-life of fireworks?

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Fireworks have a shelf life of at least 2-3 years so long as they are protected from dampness, excessive humidity or moisture. Although a firework will likely continue to function beyond this time, chemical degradation may result in less vivid colour or a slightly lower shooting height. • Ideally, you should store your fireworks in a cardboard box placed within a cool, dry environment with a fairly consistent temperature. You should also ensure that they are inaccessible to children. Stored in this manner, your leftover fireworks from Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Diwali or New Year's will be safe and ready to use at your next celebration. • Do not store fireworks in a sealed plastic cooler, plastic tub, or tupperware container: these materials prevent air circulation and may cause condensation, which can damage your fireworks. • If possible, you should leave long-term storage in the hands of your supplier: even if you order your fireworks well in advance of your planned ... more
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