How long do kids in japan go to school?

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1 Answer

As for the month, their school year starts in April, and ends in March. And yes, they do have summer vacation, but it's usually very short ( end of July to the end of August). However, they get a little bit longer winter vacation around New Years time because that's one of the major holidays in Japan. So, it would be approximately 11months that kids are going to school. As for the hours, it depends from school to school. But most schools start around 8 in the morning, and 3 in the afternoon. Plus, the hours would also differ since some schools have 6-day schooldays, where kids would go to schools on Saturdays in the morning, while others would have 5-day school day, just like US. Until recently, majority of the school had 6-day school day, but it got changed...probably by the department of education. Even if they might go to school everyday for around 7 hours, many kids go to juku, which is like an after-school school, meaning they study there too. They could go to juku to catch up, ... more
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