How long do pelicans live?

live pelicans

They’ve been known to live in zoos for more than 30 years, but in the wild about 15 years is pretty old, he says. Are they threatened or endangered? They used to be on the endangered species list but they were taken off and are now a species of special concern. “In general, pelicans are doing very well in Louisiana and Texas and very poorly in Florida and on the east coast,” Below says. What is their main predator? Pelicans don’t have much to worry about, except humans. Nothing hunts and eats them. Why are humans their biggest predators? Startling pelicans on their nests is one way humans hurt them, Below says. The birds wrap their feet around their eggs to keep them warm, and when they’re startled, their feet clutch and they spring off the nest, destroying the eggs. Fishing lines and lures also kill pelicans. If you see a pelican with a hook in its bill or line wrapped around it, throw a towel over it, catch it, put it in a cardboard box and take it to the Conservancy of Southwest Flo