How long does a divorce take in Alabama?

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1 Answer

From the time your divorce complaint is filed with the court, Alabama has a mandatory thirty (30) day waiting period before your divorce can be granted by the judge. This means that even if you and your spouse have agreed to your divorce, it takes at least thirty (30) days to get divorced in Alabama. The judge in your divorce will also require that you satisfy him or her that your divorce is necessary. This is another way in which an attorney is essential in the Alabama divorce process. Your attorney generally will have worked with each of the judges many times and will understand the way that each judge looks at divorce. In uncontested divorces, it usually takes three (3) to six (6) months from the filing of the divorce complaint to the entry of a Final Decree of Divorce by the Alabama judge. Every divorce is different, however, and some uncontested divorces may take slightly longer or move slightly faster through the process. more
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