How long does a Golden Retriever live?

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Why does IEGRR charge a fee? We charge $150.00 as a rule. This covers our medical and foster expenses. We make sure each dog is up to date on its shots and microchiped. Obviously we must feed and house each dog. The fee covers our expenses, although sometimes we end up putting out more than the fee. What if I cant keep my adopted Golden Retriever? This is rare, but if it happens we require that the dog be surrendered back to the IEGRR. This is also part of our adoption contract. Do you ever get puppies? Usually not. Most dogs are at least 3 years old. But we do sometimes get dogs as young as 1 year. The only time we received puppies was after the raid on the Bergman Puppy Mill. Are the dogs sterilized? Yes. If dogs come to us intact, we always spay or neuter them prior to adoption. We believe that breeding dogs by other than reputable breeders just adds to the problems that lead to unwanted and neglected dogs. Are Goldens good with kids? Yes. Most Goldens are well tempered and love ... more
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