How long does a miniature donkey live?

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1 Answer

• With proper conditions it is not rare for a donkey to live to be 35 - 40 years old. • What is a jack? • A jack is an unaltered male donkey. • What is a jenny or jennet? • Both terms apply to a female donkey. • What is a gelding? • A gelding is a castrated jack. • What is a foal? • A foal is a term for a baby donkey of either sex. • Do donkeys bite and kick? • Miniature donkeys are very kind, docile, lovable, hugable, easy going animals. It is rare that a donkey will kick or bite out of viciousness. • Would a miniature donkey make a good pet for my children? • Donkeys generally love children and seem to be extra careful and kind with them. • What sex should I get for a pet? • Geldings and jennets make the best pets. Geldings of course are not as costly as jennets to purchase. • How is the donkey market? • The market is very strong for quality animals. There are two markets, the show and breed market and the pet market. • Can donkeys be trained? • Miniature donkeys are easily trained ... more
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