How long does a moth chrysalis take to hatch?

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I believe it depends on the caterpillar species. First, moths do not make a chrysalis, they make cocoons (hairy things). Butterflies make a chrysalis. From Monarch Watch: "If the pupae are kept at room temperature, the butterflies should emerge from the chrysalis within 10-14 days. Again, cooler temperatures will delay emergence and warmer temperatures will shorten the amount of development time required." Also, from University of Nebraska: "Several conditions may influence the development of the chrysalis, including humidity, temperature and/or day length. Emergence time usually coincides with host plant availability." Please bear in mind that if you are raising this INSIDE, this is a totally artificial environment. Without the true signals from nature, the emergence will take place at a different pace -- and there will be no food available for the adults (if they eat -- some do, some don't). Also, if you have more than one and they mate, there will be no place for the eggs to be ... more
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