How long does a muscle spasm take to heal?

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1 Answer

Each muscle spasm is different. So, you will need to consult your doctor regarding your particular case. Although most muscle spasms of the back start feeling better within three weeks, your back probably won't be healed by then. Healing doesn't peak until at least six weeks post-injury because of scar tissue formation. In severe cases, scar tissue can form for a year. Scar tissue is good and bad. It glues the muscles back together to promote healing, but it also reduces muscle flexibility. Although it's fine to do exercises to break down the scar tissue, don't exercise too intensely during early stages of the injury; over-exercising can irritate the area, prolonging the injury. Dr. Ludwig advises back pain sufferers that severe pain may warrant some rest, but no more than a day or two. After that short respite, keep your back moving. Gentle stretches, ultrasound, ice or cold water therapy, heat, pain medication and massage may be recommended treatments until your back is healed. ...
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