How long does an exacerbation last?

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1 Answer

An untreated exacerbation can last from weeks to months. In contrast to the rapid onset of exacerbation symptoms, the recovery is usually slow. In many people, treatment of an exacerbation with strong anti-inflammatory steroids will shorten the course of an exacerbation. However, overuse of steroids will decrease their effectiveness. Even after most of the symptoms of an exacerbation have resolved, some residual effects may be noticed for a long time. It is generally thought that after two years or so, any remaining impairment from an exacerbation will not improve. • What is the course of MS over time? One of the most frustrating things about MS is that the long term course is so variable. One person may have one episode and remain symptom free for the rest of his life while another person may rapidly become wheelchair bound. Most neurologists subscribe to the "five year rule". This is a rule of thumb which says that the most reliable predictor of the someones future course is how ...
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