How long does an exhaust system last?

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1 Answer

Your car's exhaust system helps it run smoothly and quietly, and it's crucial if you want to stay up-to-date with your local environmental regulations. After the car has taken what it needs from fuel and converted it to energy, it needs to do something with the leftovers. The parts that shoulder this burden are: • the exhaust manifold, which moves engine gases and heat into the exhaust system • the catalytic converter, which reduces pollutants from the exhaust • the resonator and muffler, which reduce noise • assorted pipes to connect the components, including the tailpipe • assorted hangers, clamps, brackets and gaskets Major exhaust components are designed to last a long time, but there's no way to predict their true lifespan. This is because they're subject to a lot of factors that affect durability. They're made primarily of metal, which corrodes easily since they're under extremely high temperatures. The climate and environment in which you live play a bigger role than any ... more
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