How long does diluted bleach last?

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1 Answer

For the answer to this question, see the clorox@casupport.com email to the Director of WCMC EHS dated February 6, 2003: Thank you for asking about the shelf life of Ultra regular CLOROX liquid bleach. When bleach and water are mixed together to create a cleaning or disinfecting solution, the solution is only good for 24 hours. The temperature of the water does not affect the cleaning or disinfecting abilities of the solution. After the 24 hours, the solution begins to lose needed disinfecting properties. Therefore, it is recommended that for disinfecting purposes, the solution is made fresh daily. Our bottles do not have an expiration date, however, they do have a production date. Once you understand how to read the production date, you can decipher the shelf life of the bottle. Please look below for a chart explaining our production codes. CODE PLANT YEAR DATE MD21002 MD2 1= 2001 002nd day of year A90288 A9 0= 2000 288th day of year We recommend storing our bleach at room ... more
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