How long does it take for a license by Reciprocity to be issued?

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1 Answer

Once the application, available on the website www.ncbarch.org, and the "Blue Cover," issued by NCARB, are received, the process of issuing a license takes about 10-15 business days. [Back to top] Information for individuals who hold a Degree from a school outside of the United States In order to qualify to sit for the Architecture Registration Exam (ARE), which leads to licensure in this state, a candidate must have both their degree and work experience evaluated. The degree must be equivalent to a National Architecture Accreditation Board accredited professional degree in architecture. A candidate must have at least three years of architectural experience under the direct supervision of a registered architect. The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) through their Intern Development Program (IDP) evaluates work experience. Of the three years, one may come from experienced gained while working in a foreign country under an architect not licensed in a U.S. ...
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