How long does it take for a usps package to get to california from missouri?

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1 Answer

How long does usps shipping take georgia to missouri? Shipping time all boils down to what region your package is in, the material handlers and drivers. If the package is going through a shitty lazy region like Georgia, then shipping times are absurd. However, if you ship within the midwest, where people actually work rather than stand around with their lips open, then shipping time can take as little as a day for a service such as USPS Priority. For example: I currently live in Georgia, and have shipped to an address in Oregon numerous times, the average was around a week using USPS Priority, even though each time I was guaranteed their rates as I spent the extra (prioirty) as opposed to shipping Parcel. Over the holidays this year, I was in IL to mail a package to the same location in Oregon, using Priority. I expected 3 days, but it got there in less than 24 hours. A business is only as good as its employees, and if those employees are standing around texting with really long ... more
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