How long does it take for Chinese chestnut trees to begin bearing commercial quantities of nuts?

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Six to nine years, depending on the variety. --Return to top-- "Ive heard pine straw might be a good mulch for me to use in my spring landscaping ... can you tell me more about it?" You have heard correctly. The naturally shed needles of pine trees are known as pine straw, and it is an excellent mulching material. In fact, pine straw is the number one mulching material used in landscape plantings in the Southeastern U.S.! In contrast to hardwood bulk mulch, pine straw can produce needles every year, making it a sustainable mulch product. Because pine straw is actually a leaf (needle), it benefits the environment in the same way that decomposing leaves benefit the forest floor by recycling nutrients and maintaining soil organic matter. Have you noticed that hardwood and pine bark mulch can wash away in a strong rain? Youll be delighted to find that pine straw knits together and stays in place during heavy rain, also helping prevent soil erosion! Pine straw is currently available at ... more
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