How long does it take for Chlamydia to cause PID?

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I had Chlamydia for over 6 months and I don't have any problem with PID or any other problems that Chlamydia can cause (Other than PID, it can cause UTI's and things like that). My doctor says that it normally takes over a year to have any permanent damage done because of a Chlamydia infection. And even then, it still depends on your immune system. However, I haven't known anyone to get PID from Chlamydia earlier than a year of having untreated. One of my coworkers had it for 3 years and never had PID and only found out because she was pregnant. Yet, I had a friend that had Gonnorhea and after a month, she had acute PID, so just be thankful you didn't catch that. Gonnorhea can cause PID anywhere from weeks to months later. Believe me, Chlamydia doesn't cause nearly as many problems as Gonnorhea does. You can get a pelvic exam and your doctor can actually see if your reproductive organs are inflamed (which is what PID is). And just an FYI, once you are treated for Chlamydia, you won't ... more
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