How long does it take for my baby red eared slider turtle to grow how many years?

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How old is your turtle? Often, for the first year of life turtles do not grow very much as their shells harden and their internal organs finish developing. Once they reach about a year old, they really start to noticeably grow. If it is older, remember that it is winter now and reptiles' metabolism slows down when it is cold, so they don't eat very much, hence not growing much either. Even during the warmer months, reptiles grow significantly slower than warm blooded creatures. Are you feeding your friend properly? Turtles need a larger variety of food than what canned reptile food contains. Just like humans, they can become disinterested in their food and stop eating. Also, it is not a balanced diet. Turtles enjoy many foods that humans eat regularly such as... fully cooked fish and poultry (no seasoning) romaine lettuce apple tomato cheese (American, Swiss, etc) breakfast cereals (cheerios, totall, {think plain and healthy}) experiment with various foods, but keep them low on ... more
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