How long does it take for the rain to fall from the sky & reach the ground?

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1 Answer

A raindrop can fall to, up to 10 m/s. But you must remember this: Rain falls only when the cloud rises. Otherwise, there is no condensation that happens by the adiabatic effect of a lesser pressure aloft. So, rain starts by going upward. Then, as the drops get bigger and bigger, their mass is now so great that gravity overcome the upward motion of the air. Then they start moving down but very, very slowly. From the smaller droplets still going up around them, they start crashing with those and gain more mass. Finally, they fall down at their terminal speed as they emerge out of the cloud. Say that an average raindrop falls at 5 m/s and that the average ceiling of a cumulonimbus cloud is at 1,000 m, then it would take 200 seconds to reach the earth. That is 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Of course, you can easily double or halve that figure, depending on the size of the drops and the ceiling of the clouds. more
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