How long does it take to become dehydrated?

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1 Answer

In the absence of diarrhea and kidney problems, dehydration occurs through sweating, which is controlled by how much the body heats up. How much your body heats up depends on: - what the water temperature is (the water may not be at the same temperature as that of air, which is what forecasts/weather reports measure) - how much time you spend in water versus on land - how hard you were swimming If you were swimming pretty hard (by "practice", I assume you are on a swim team or water polo team?), you can get dehydrated in less than an hour. http://www.acsm.org/Content/ContentFolde… Luckily, even if you don't know what your "hourly sweat rate" is, your body is pretty smart at keeping the water levels in the body normal, through thirst and regulation of urine concentration: If you feel thirsty -- dri more
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