How long does it take to break in hiking boots?

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The usual rule of thumb is to walk at least 50 miles in your new boots before wearing them for an extended hike. Start with short walks. You dont want to get halfway into a 15-mile hike and realize youve got a new blister forming. Wear the boots when you walk to work, to the grocery store, to do errands. When that seems comfortable, do a few short hikes in them. Aim for a couple of 10-mile day hikes in these boots before you head out for a full week. For heavy-duty or all-leather boots, 50 miles may not be enough. Purchase them well in advance, so you can be sure theyre broken in before you undertake a multi-day hiking trip. The lighter the boots (and the higher the proportion of fabric to leather), the easier it will be to break them in. But ignore anyone who says light-weight boots dont need any break-in time. They do; furthermore, your feet need time to gradually adjust to them. Finally, if you bought the wrong size, you want to figure that out before youre in the middle of a long ... more
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