How long does it take to get a home daycare license?

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1 Answer

I am a licensed child care provider in my home in Michigan. Each state sets their own licensing rules and regulations so you will want to check with your state's Department of Human Resources. I can access the rules through www.michigan.gov/dhs so see what www.illinois.gov/dhs does for you. In Michigan, if you are interested in obtaining a home license for child care, you contact your county's human services office. Once you have made the initial inquiry and have requested the paperwork, you can actually begin to care for children while in the process of licensing. This is true only for child care homes, not for centers. You have paperwork to fill out that includes background check, personal references, information about your home and your program, and a physical form for your doctor to fill out. You need to get fingerprinted. You also attend a class that goes over the rules and you will have a home inspection after your license has been approved. At that visit, the licensing ... more
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