How long does it take to heal a scratched cornea of a dog?

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1 Answer

It will take at least a month for your dog's eye to completely heal. I've had dogs with scratched corneas and the important thing is if it was diagnosed early before the scratches became ulcers and infected. Make sure you put the ointment in your dog's eye everyday as the vet instructed. Usually it's 2-3 times a day. Make sure that the vet checks to make sure your dog's eyes are producing enough tears to keep his eyes moist, which helps heal the scratches. If not, the vet may have you put an over the counter natural tears solution in your dog's eye once a day. If your dog is healthy, his eye should heal pretty fast. The main reason the vet wants to re-check your dog in 3 days is to make sure that no infection os in the eye. If you notice any redness of his eye, any yellow-greenish discharge coming from the eye, any swelling and if the area around the eye becomes painful to your dog, then you should take him to the vet right away, because they are signs of infection. Then your dog ... more
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