How long does it take to make worm castings?

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1 Answer

The rate at which organic waste is converted into plant-usable form depends, again, on the waste and feeds the worms are being fed with. If the waste is juiced into a soupy pulp or ground up, it will take about 8 weeks to finish. On the other hand, woody stems and large chunks of hard plant tissue will easily take more than 6 months to decompose. I find 7 months is a good cycle for a worm bin, with 5 months of feeding, and last month with no feed. To complicate matters, the worm produce is divided into two cathegories: partially decomposed worm-compost and completely decomposed worm casting. Worm compost is usually 'wormed' for some weeks, when worm castings take months. I recommend only using worm castings. Worm compost can cause problems, provide inadequate nutrient content, and attract pests and transmit plant diseases. more
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